Our History

Targem: the language service provider other translation companies turn to for help. After all, their reputation depends on our accuracy.

Founded in 1948 to provide translation services in many languages for newly arrived immigrants, we now provide services in more than 160 languages for clients who want their message to be heard around the world.


The beginning of the road

Targem was founded to meet the needs of people from around the globe who arrived in the US following WWII. Unlike individual or literary translators, Targem created a network of professionally educated linguists—at first mostly from Europe and the Middle East.

We provided fair estimates, we had all our translations reviewed by another native speaker. Most important, we delivered what we promised.

Our founders provided both translation services to new immigrants and, in order to make those translations effective, would arrange for a translator to explain a context, provide a back translation, and ensure that our client understood the implication of a legal document. We became both a translation provider and a guide to the new culture.


The Global Marketplace

With the rapid growth of the global marketplace, our clients (and our client’s offspring) turned to us for translation work in a multitude of languages, so they could participate in this newly expanding global arena.

As our network of linguists continued to grow, and projects become more complex (with even tighter deadlines) our project managers stay committed to the core values of our founders with our highly selective, performance-based selection of translators, editors, and proofreaders.

Every word has to be accurate, every word has to be understood in context, and every word has to be carefully considered. One word in Spanish means one thing in Puerto Rico, another thing entirely in Mexico. From our start, our commitment has been to transform your message to another language flawlessly. It's a step beyond an accuracy—it's about authenticity.



Over the past ten years, we've experienced tremendous growth.

We've seen a large increase in technical translations, so we've worked with our highly-trained project managers to develop stringent quality control measures.

At the end of every project we follow-up with clients. This is crucial to understanding the needs of our clients and leads us to develop innovative, client-first solutions so our customer service remains the highest of the industry.