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Data Security

In today’s world of growing data privacy concerns, Targem developed an innovative solution to provide secure file transfer and translation workflow methods, solving our clients security concerns when entrusting confidential documents for translation. In addition to our secure file transfer methods, we’ve also taken the initiative and incorporated a secure translation workflow for all cases, as a data breach would pose significant harm. Normally, translation companies release documents via email or other low security translation management platforms to send to translators based anywhere in the world with virtually zero control over the linguists’ antivirus protection. This file transfer method carries serious risks and may expose confidential information to parties who would otherwise not have access to this data. A data breach can happen with the best of intentions and even after a translation company singed a non-disclosure agreement. Unfortunately, this is all too common among established legal translation providers.

Security breach is a common concern in the legal field and since we get asked to sign non-disclosure agreements with this concern at the forefront, we have proactively developed additional systems to help combat this issue. As a specialized legal translation provider, Targem provides a proprietary system where translators are required to log on to our secure servers and input their translations on our secure platform, barring them from being able to download, print or save source documents. This process dramatically reduces the likelihood of a data breach.