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When Law firms require multipronged assistance, often spanning more than just translation of documents, we offer the Targem Litigation Advantage:

This includes:

  • Certified/Sworn legal translations: Certified translations for state and federal filing, for foreign governments and global jurisdictions.
  • Data Security: Our Targem Portal is a highly-secure platform that stores and encrypts all data, ensuring complete confidentiality.
  • Efficient Project Management Support: We understand that you have little visibility on how quickly and how many documents you might need translated. For that reason, we’ve developed a workflow process for rush requests. We work with expert linguists across time zones to accommodate such requests around the clock. We start working on submissions as soon as we receive them, speeding reviews and maintaining budget.
  • Industry-Specific Linguists: Doctorate and Master-level linguists in specific subject matter to ensure accuracy and spearheading end-to-end human or machine- hybrid translation solutions for all your litigation needs.
  • Machine Translation: Trained Machine Translation Engines for first pass review, discovery, or term identification.
  • On-Site Document Review: Targem scales subject matter experts to assist with document review to assist in litigation, mergers and acquisitions, or government and internal investigations. Our experienced reviewers can work into your process for review of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) or native format documents.
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