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Patent Translation

Targem offers high-quality patent translations completed by experienced subject matter experts. Our quality assurance processes combined with human translations ensure the accuracy of our translations, while our cutting-edge technology provides cost savings by leveraging previous translations and repetitions. Whether you need a filing-ready translation for national phase entry, prior art translated as part of a search, or a professional translation of an office action, our team of experts are ready to handle all your patent translation needs.

PCT National Phase Entry: Patent Filing

Targem leverages long-standing relationships with foreign associates across the globe in order to streamline the PCT National Phase process on behalf of our clients. Our turnkey patent filing and translation solutions allow us to save our clients valuable time and resources, all for lower costs and without compromising on the highest quality standards. We proudly offer filing services in all PCT contracting states.

EP Validation: European Validation

Targem has a deep understanding of the EP Validation process and is here to save our clients time, efforts and resources. Targem works with top-notch associates across Europe, covering all EPO validation states. We’ve negotiated excellent rates for our clients in order to truly provide the best services and quality at significantly reduced rates.

Paris Convention Filing

In order to protect their IP rights in some countries that are not part of the PCT agreements, applicants will sometimes need to file according to the Paris Convention regulations. Our extended network of global associates and translation specialists are once again there to assist through the entire process, at highly competitive rates and streamlined processes.

Patent Litigation Translation

Targem helps patent litigation professionals save money and streamline their processes. Whether litigation in front of the ITC or PTAB, Unfair Competition, Inter Parties Review (IPR) or Technology and Licensing Matters, we provide Subject Matter Experts familiar with the technology to ensure the highest quality translations. Targem helps patent litigation professionals save money and simplify their processes.