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[subtitle]Over Six Decades of Translation Excellence.[/subtitle]

Founded in 1948, Targem may well be the first professional translation company founded in the US. But more important, we were created to meet the legal, financial, medical, and business needs of waves of immigrants that were arriving in New York City following WW2.  Most had limited knowledge of English at best. Many were skilled, educated professionals from other cultures. Our goal was to help give effective voice to these people from around the world.

The original goals that our founders set for Targem continue to define us. We provide:

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  • The most individualized client service
  • The most specialized and talented linguists
  • The most accurate translations
  • The most competitive rates


The rate of change is accelerating, worldwide. Great translation seamlessly connects these evolving cultures. How does Targem keep pace? First, we continually grow and replenish our network of great translators—native speakers with a direct connection to their culture. Second, we evaluate subject expertise with detailed benchmarks. Third, we build each client a great team, pairing a creative, client-first project manager with experienced, specialized translators, copyeditors, and proofreaders.

The world is dramatically different than even ten years ago (never mind our 50+ years). We stay innovative by assessing our work every project. We are always learning, improving and refining.