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Given the confidential nature of legal and intellectual property content with which we work on a daily basis, and in light of growing data privacy concerns worldwide, nothing is more important to Targem Translations than ensuring the security of your confidential and proprietary information. We are GDPR compliant and our iTMS system is built with the best practices of the financial industry. To protect your data and confidentiality, Targem has developed IT and security management processes with the highest security standards in mind.

Our secure network is constantly monitored and tested for intrusions by expert IT security support. We also conduct regular network security audits which are validated by a third-party. Furthermore, all client project data is stored behind the latest in firewall technology and there is no unauthorized access to client data.

Targem Translations data is stored in iTMS. Targem Translations has built iTMS from the ground up based on the best security practices of the financial industry. Our system architecture is designed to protect your data by separating the web interface and data with a DMZ built on a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure certified to SSAE16 SOC I and SOC II and ISO 27001 standards. Some of the advantages of our system include: 

  • Safer file exchange, uploading and downloading files through the portal over HTTPS is more secure that exchanging by email. 
  • Transferring over the web also allows you to upload/download much larger files than through email and at greater speed.
  • The portal can be accessed via any Internet connection.
  • Requests are submitted directly into our project management system avoiding the potential of lost or overlooked email communications

Client Confidentiality

Data security is just one part of the picture. Equally important is that our clients’ information is not accidentally or intentionally disseminated outside of the workplace.

As a specialized legal translation services provider, we require all of our employees and independent contractors to sign non-disclosure agreements. Our personnel also undergo annual training related to security and confidentiality.

In addition, Targem’s proprietary Translation Management System (iTMS) requires translators to log in to our secure servers and upload their translations directly to our secure platform, and does not allow source documents to be downloaded, printed, or saved to their local computers. This process dramatically reduces the likelihood of a data breach.