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Litigation, Arbitration and Investigations

Whether you need a dozen technical documents in four different languages translated for a deposition overnight or have strict deadlines for reviewing large-volume discovery documents, Targem has the proven resources to deliver the highest quality foreign language translations quickly and efficiently. We support our clients throughout all stages of the litigation process – from discovery to trial.

We understand that last minute requests are the standard and that time pressures are high. Targem has developed the unique expertise to deliver high volume, multilingual, multifaceted projects. We offer a range of solutions that help clients deal with urgent requests that allow them to get the translations in time to allow for review.

Our deep expertise in the legal translation space defines everything we do. From our linguist recruitment and performance tracking to our secure project-management system, the Targem Portal, our robust solutions give clients the assurance they need for their sensitive and important projects. Everything at Targem has been customized with the needs of our legal clients’ needs in mind.

Targem Litigation Advantage

Certified/Sworn legal translations: Certified translations for state and federal filing, for foreign governments and global jurisdictions.

Data Security: Secure, confidential platform, the Targem Portal, that stores and encrypts all data, ensuring nothing gets leaked.

Efficient Project Management Support: Because you have little visibility on how quickly and how many documents you might require translated, we have developed a workflow process for these common rush requests. We work with expert linguists across time zones to accommodate rush requests, track quality assurance – editing, proofreading, translation memory – around the clock. The end result: we begin working on submissions as soon as we receive them, speeding reviews and maintaining budget.

Industry-Specific Linguists: Doctorate and master level linguists in specific subject matter to ensure accuracy and spearheading end-to- end human, or machine hybrid translation solutions for all your litigation needs.

Required Project Checks and Visibility: For long-term or large multi-batch litigation requests, Targem project managers work with your internal teams to assign interim deadlines, which will be indicated in the Portal project status updates. To ensure successful project completion, we keep detailed records of linguists’ profiles, performances, translation memory savings, and project status updates. The Portal repository stores all detailed tracking to help you outsource your needs while knowing that your documents are in good hands.

Beyond Translation

Litigation matters often involve more than just translation. Targem can provide an end-to-end solution for your case:

E-Discovery Consulting



Court Reporting

Legal Staffing

Hyperlinking of e-briefs

Centralizing procurement with Targem improves quality, consistency, and can significantly reduce your total translation costs.

Our project managers are accessible 24 hours a day to ensure that your team gets the necessary coverage you need when dealing with time sensitive cases.

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