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Patents & Intellectual Property

We know that quality assurance is crucial to your IP protection or case. In choosing a translation partner, you want to ensure your legal assets are in the best of hands.

The value your Intellectual Property has on your global brand and assets is invaluable. Therefore, we take every necessary regulatory step to ensure we not only comply with global patent office regulations but also protect your IP patent and trademark assets in non-English speaking jurisdictions. We have extensive experience in the patent prosecution and IP space, managing our clients’ direct, PCT, and EP validation filings, along with all prior art, office actions, or other IP litigation needs.

Dedicated account managers, translation databases of specialized terms, expert patent attorney and highly qualified linguists help increase quality, reduce translation costs, agency fees, administrative burdens, and turnaround times.

The Targem team will oversee the filing process from end-to-end, allowing you to centralize your patent translations efforts, reducing administrative burden from tedious internal or outside counsel processes, and reducing costs with our translation memory and enhanced machine translation technology. Our clients pay up to 45% less for translations and attorney fees.

Targem Patent Advantage

Specialized Linguists: We employ native speaking linguists with applicable doctorate or master’s degree subject matter expertise in the field of invention to ensure every patent is expertly translated and formatted in a filing ready format.

Patent Experience: Our linguists have professional experience in the patent industry, many of whom were patent agents or professionals’ in country.

Data Security: Using a highly secure file transfer platform, files are made available to linguists ensuring protection of client’s intellectual property. Files do not leave the secure environment throughout the entire translation process and linguists can only edit in ‘read only’ mode.

Terminology Database: Terminology Database is created based on the patent subject matter and is stored in each client’s own translation memory.

Targem’s Centralization of IP translation process benefits:

Uses dedicated teams of subject matter translation experts to increase the quality and consistency of international patents.

Leverages databases of approved terminology and previous translations, reducing costs, improving accuracy, and decreasing turnaround times.

Simplifies project flow with in-house project managers coordinating translation details and providing project status updates.

Targem’s end-to-end process fixes the problems typically associated with a decentralized translation workflow coordinated by each foreign agents, which often involves differing processes, disconnected translators, limited translation technology, high fees and no project visibility.

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