Put Your Translation Project Manager To Work For You 2014-11-10T16:06:30+00:00

At many large translation companies, clients communicate solely with the sales staff at the outset of a project. The sales team typically is not experienced with languages, translation, and project management. Once the project begins,  the sales team moves on to making more sales and the project seems to start over from scratch. Make sure your language service provider integrates an experienced project manager from the start. This will help eliminate costly and time consuming snags.

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  • Your project manager (PM) will review your materials and all the instructions you provided to ensure that everything is included, that there are no questions that should be answered to help the linguist create the most precise translation. That PM may note inconsistencies, missing sections, or phrases that may require special treatment.
  • Humor, ad headlines, taglines are all potential problem areas for translation. The words chosen may be accurate but they may not be as effective as the original. At Targem Translations, our PMs reach out directly to clients: there’s nothing lost in communication as there is with LSP’s that require all information go to a sales associate. Targem PMs have in fact been very effective in identifying errors in source documents, which clients didn’t catch. This saved tremendous confusion, and is just one of the many ways we put ourselves in your shoes in order to deliver further value to clients.
  • In addition to looking at the words you provide for translation, your PM will review the related materials you are preparing to accompany the translation. For example, if we are translating brochure copy, we will let you know if any of the images might have a negative effect in the target culture. We have a vast network of linguists who are in-country and can provide feedback to let you know how your materials will be received.
  • Once the best set of linguists has been selected for your translation, your PM will work with them, and bring in additional linguists at no extra cost to you, to be sure that the best possible choice of words and phrases are made in every translation.
  • If a client review is useful for your project, and you have a representative in the target country or who speaks the target language, your PM will work with them to answer any questions they may have and to address their concerns to make the translation more consistent with your brand voice and preferred terminology.
  • Finally, PMs routinely conduct a thorough review once your project is completed. This audit will ensure that your deadline is met, that all materials are submitted to you in the format requested.