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Service Automation

Targem believes that managing legal multilingual content should be streamlined in real-time with absolute visibility, helping you track the project lifecycle, your up-to-date translation spend, and allowing you to receive rush translations in the shortest time possible. This is why we have developed our proprietary Translation Management System integrated with our Portal where you can submit all translation requests securely and automate the quoting and workflow process, all in the convenience of one interface.

Centralized Platform to Manage Costs and Workflow

You manage all project approvals through the Portal, from document to interpretation requests, so you have full visibility in how much you spend to have greater control of your translation budget.

Your internal teams can also track the entire translation lifecycle, knowing which stage each project is along the process with the ability to communicate with Targem project managers.

You can upload translation requests at any time of day to be handled by our highly experienced global project management team . Our round the clock coverage coverage gives our clients peace of mind, knowing their immediate rush requests and challenging projects will be handled without delay.

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