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Specialized Legal Translations is What we Do

Our Experience

Since its inception, Targem has been dedicated exclusively to offering top quality legal translations. We have developed strong ties with most Fortune 500 companies and nearly every AM Law 100 firm. Our clients continually select us to represent them as their preferred provider for all legal translations. We have delivered convenient language solutions for thousands of high-profile legal matters and consistently prove ourselves to be THE language service provider of choice.

Why it Matters to You

Peace of mind. You know you are in good hands when selecting Targem for your legal needs. Every legal document we translate is handled by an experienced project management team and expert legal linguistic team.

Regulatory compliance. At Targem, we have experience ensuring all submissions to court, tribunal, or opposing counsel are accurate with respect to the source text.

Quality Assurance. Since we specialize in legal translations, your content will efficiently be handled leading to cost reductions, all included in the per-word translation fee you see upfront.