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[subtitle]Discover why the translation industry relies on Targem.[/subtitle]

Project Management
Our project managers thoroughly review every translation to ensure that the document is complete and the message is clear. All are bilingual and have first-hand experience of living within another culture. They will clear up any questions before the document is turned over to our translation team. A team is comprised of deeply experience translators with deep knowledge of the client’s specific subject area.

We provide our linguists all of the background information we have to ensure they have a clear understanding of the translation and the purpose of that translation. Translation is a subjective profession: sometimes a choice has to be made between one word or phrase, or another, our linguists have been carefully selected for both their language and their subject area expertise.

Each translation is edited and proofread. Our linguists communicate with each other to ensure they provide the best crafted work with up-to-date language.

In-Company Review
We welcome in-company review. If there is someone in your company who speaks the target language, they may want to notify us of specific internal preferences. That information is added to an electronic glossary for further translation projects.

Our Linguists
Each linguist is a native speaker of the target language. In addition, many are members of the American Translator’s Association (ATA). More importantly, they have passed our own intensive review process, provided documentation and work samples, and have a clear understanding of our policy for meeting deadlines. Each translation is rated based on 10 variables. We have a dedicated team of experienced linguists working full time to ensure each of our linguists is performing well above average.

At Targem, every employee and every linguist understands that your trust means everything. Our standards of confidentiality and security (for every project) are amongst the tightest in the industry.